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Preschool is not all about learning ABCs. Young kids can and will certainly learn ABCs and 123s, but to sit the kids down and ‘teach’ them is not the right way to do it. BACHPAN…a play school: Banjara Hills branch on Road 12 says ‘Learning through fun’ is the way.

As most of us would have observed, the interest and amount of enthusiasm shown by many children at the beginning slowly wane into a kind of aversion to organized learning. This is not an accident. We, the adults, contribute a great deal to this unfortunate development. Many children stop learning when they are made to believe that fun and learning are two different things. It is the social responsibility of the schools, as it is of the parents, not to let this happen. Children learn best through activities that they find interesting. What would do the trick could be the grand old style of story telling or the modern techniques like using audio visual rooms to a telling effect; Be it building blocks or playing with clay or talking to the teachers about stars, everything is learning; And, there is learning is everything. Kids at BACHPAN BANJARA HILLS ROAD 12 discover that they are capable and they can do things for themselves. Our children learn to learn. In that sense, the teachers in BACHPAN BANJARA HILLS ROAD 12 do not ‘teach’; they help the children to learn and practice. Don’t you, the parents, fly over the moon when your child talks about the moon or when she asks ‘why Penguins can’t fly?’ We help the children keep their natural curiosity alive and find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation. Questions are not dissuaded; they are answered. Mistakes are not chastised; how else will a child learn to correct? BANJARA HILLS ROAD 12 BACHPAN, in addition to strengthening the socialization skills of the children like being respectful to others and group behaviour, provides a platform to gain a sense of self and build confidence. After all, isn’t out wish that our next generation is bolder and wiser while being nice and honest?

BACHPAN BANJARA HILLS ROAD 12 strongly believes in respecting the dignity of the children. You might see couple of Nursery kids learning hospitality in Doll Room while other Nursery kids are in the class room conversing with their teacher about their field trip experience.

Discover the fun in learning. Well, BACHPAN…a play school: Banjara Hills branch on Road 12 branch knows how. Our parents, who are part of the BACHPAN family, will tell you how they see the school’s motto: LEARNING BEGINS; FUN NEVER ENDS in everything that we do.

We see schooling as an opportunity to help make good citizens. The teaching methods have been designed after extensive research across the globe, but emphasis is not lost on Indian values.

BACHPAN… a play school, an ISO 9000:2008 certified educational organization started its journey in mid-nineties and has now emerged as ‘India’s Favourite Play School’ in the Preprimary segment for children aged between 2 and 6. Delhi based S.K.Educations Pvt.Ltd. is their parent organization. Academic Heights Public School is their sister organization that caters to educational and upbringing needs of children in the age group of 6 and above. BACHPAN R&D team works throughout the year to develop the concepts, curriculum, teaching methods, materials, etc with help and support from eminent psychologists and experts in early child education. BACHPAN schools have many concept rooms like Doll room, Ball room, Play area, Gym arena, Audio Visual room, Art & Craft room, Splash pool, Sand Pit, etc. The infrastructure is world-class. You can visit to know more about BACHPAN.



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